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Craftlogic is pleased to announce that Brad Deppe is the new Vice President of Sales and Marketing. Kevin Ferguson, President and CEO of Craftlogic, is excited about the new direction of the company and Brad's role in helping make it all happen.

"Brad brings over 20 years of industry experience to us and not just in sales and marketing but a strong technical background in software development, consulting and professional services." Kevin Ferguson continues, "What I think Brad brings to the table is a new way of thinking about our business. He's not trapped by how it has been done in the past but how it should be done now. His introspection allows him to question how it's been done if there's a better way. The technology industry is changing all the time and companies need to tap into the pulse of the market and be eagerly willing to adapt as needed."

Brad has officialy stepped into his new position as of Monday Feb 9th, 2015. Brad's bio is below. For more information, please email Craftlogic at info@craftlogic.com or see Craftlogic's website craftlogic.com.

About Brad Deppe

Brad's love of solution selling and creative out of the box thinking for marketing and passion for technology enables him to be a top producing sales professional.

Brad Joined Craftlogic Software in 2014 as business development manager. Now Vice President of Sales and Marketing, Brad leads Sales and Marketing in Custom Software development, Project outsourcing, Professional Services, IT staffing, and Video Marketing. Brad's efforts have resulted in customer attainment and insightful marketing. Under Brad's leadership Craftlogic is growing and engaging more companies and solving their clients software, marketing, and staffing challenges.

With more than 20 years of successful technology sales experience, Brad has served as Director of Sales and Marketing at OneTouch EMR and led the direct sales team and managed the channel partnership programs. Prior to OneTouch EMR Brad led Business development and strategic marketing for Versus Sports, a startup based in California that integrated social media with an online real-time gaming platform that showcased professional athletes and celebrities playing videogames head to head and being broadcasted to the site. In previous positions, he served as Account manager for Telligent systems, Regional Sales Manager for ILinc, First Virtual communications acquired by Radvision, National account Manager for Webex acquired by Cisco, Account executive for Healtheon/ WebMD, and Mid Tiered account Manager for Software Spectrum.

Brad has a passion for technology and over the last 20 years got to work for some leading technology companies. He takes a consultative and solution selling approach and focuses on his clients problems and how technology can remedy those problems. Brad understands technology and has deep knowledge of cloud and internet technologies.

Brad enjoys the outdoors and is still active in many sports.  He is a diehard LA Lakers and Dallas Cowboys fan. Brad grew up in Oklahoma but has spent more than half of his life in Dallas Texas and considers himself a Texan through and through.

About Craftlogic Software

Craftlogic Software is a software development company specializing in custom software development, software development outsourcing, consulting, and IT Talent Scouting. We can provide custom software development at our offices or provide IT staff as a full-time hire or contract basis in your offices. Craftlogic is also experienced in IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Software Development Management, Database Engineering, and Quality Assurance. We have decades of Software Development and IT Infrastructure experience.

Craftlogic was founded and is operated by senior information technology professionals who not only share a deep passion for great software and technology but also for the value companies can derive from it in achieving their business objectives and differentiating their companies in the market place.

Our founders were frustrated with the solutions offered in the marketplace and it was clear they were developed by marketing and sales people and not technologists. Capitalizing on our years of experience building successful development and technology teams, we developed a unique business model and processes that use experienced technologists to scout for the best technical talent and then to validate that talent to build teams that are more creative, productive and efficient. Based on our years of experience, we believe the most important element for success to any technical initiative is getting the best talent on the team.

Craftlogic got its start as a software development company founded on the simple principle that software is not created on an assembly line. Software is created by Craftsmen. Like the Craftsmen of old, it takes a combination of Skill, Talent and Passion to be the best. We apply this principle to everything we do.


Kevin Ferguson
Phone: 800-887-8405
Email: kevin@craftlogic.com

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