Craftlogic's IT Staffing Guarantee

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Craftlogic's IT Staffing Guarantee

Craftlogic Guarantee

Craftlogic understands that other IT staffing firms bombard you with resumes of candidates that are mostly unqualified. We understand how much work goes into reviewing resumes and performing interviews only to find that you are wasting a lot of time and money. IT staffing firms base their effectiveness on how many resumes they send. We base our effectiveness on how few we send.

Craftlogic was started in 2003 as a software development company developing software and consulting with our clients. In 2007, we started staffing our own projects because we got sick of staffing firms dumping resumes on us. Once our clients found out we were staffing our own projects, they started asking us to help staff theirs. In 2008, we added IT Staffing to our core competency. Today, staffing is a large part of our business but so is our software development practice.

Craftlogic guarantees to you that you will receive no more than two (2) candidates per open position. What other staffing firm is willing to put this in writing? It is not in their best interest to send fewer resumes because their method is not much different than throwing a handful of darts at a dartboard hoping one sticks. That’s not how Craftlogic does business.

Craftlogic actually does the heavy lifting for you. How do we do it? We perform multiple interviews with our candidates including personality, business skills, and deep technical interviews by a senior technical member on our staff. Only if the candidate passes our interview process would we consider submitting him or her to you. When we submit a candidate, we also provide a detailed written technical assessment of their specific skills required for the position.   If we would not want to hire the candidate for one of our own projects, we certainly would not want you to either.

I want to have you as our client because I know we can do a better job than the other firms. I’m so confident that we’re better, that I ask you to read this: I guarantee that we will send you no more than two (2) candidates per position and you will want to hire one or both to them. If Craftlogic fails, I failed you and I hope you fire us.



Kevin Ferguson
President and CEO
Craftlogic Software LLC

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