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I've had a lot of experience hiring people over the years. Before I started Craftlogic in 2003, I was a software developer writing code on a daily basis like I had been doing since the late 80s. I had to hire people for projects I worked on and I saw how my fellow coworkers performed interviews and how much time was taken away from their work to do so. I saw how IT staffing firms were throwing resumes at us like a handful of darts and hoping one would stick while we did their job for them sifting through resumes. I decided that there was a better way.

I know many of you have used IT staffing firms feel the exact same way. They're resume factories. They don't have the technical capability to know if the candidate can do what is on the resume; they just hope. Did you know that most IT staffing firms actually have a daily quota for the number of resumes they send to clients? It has nothing to do with quality; it's all about quantity. Yeah, I'm going to piss off a few people with this paragraph but you need to know the truth!

Since 2003, Craftlogic is now a software development, project outsourcing and consulting company. In addition, we provide IT staffing services to our clients. We know we do a better job for our clients than the other firms. But, we kept noticing how companies would continue to lump us in with all the other firms no matter what we said. Why? Because the other IT staffing firms said the same thing. They lied. So, who's to know if we're not lying too? Take a look at The Craftlogic Difference and you can believe me or not.

So, how do you show you're different and get people to listen? Well, I can tell you it's not easy. But, one little thing helped us and it may help you. We were doing the usual type of marketing. You know the routine: emails, brochures, cold calls, networking, and spending lots of time and money doing it. We'd make traction and then it may go forward or go cold. We'd run into The Culture of Non-Responsiveness over and over again. Quite frustrating.

Nobody would see, listen or even believe our message in all the noise out there. Then, we came across Video Brochures. A video brochure is just that. A brochure that opens up to a 16x9 format display with full video and audio. When a FedEx envelope shows up on a decision-maker's desk, he or she will open it. When the Video Brochure is unwrapped, the decision-maker will view it. Open rates exceed 90%. What does this mean for you? You just got your message to them. Any other way you tried would have been deleted as spam and as a nuisance.

Our first batch of video brochures went out to a list of targeted companies. It was a tester, so-to-speak. These were companies we researched, liked what they did, and we knew we could help them. We tried previously contacting them through email, phone calls, and mailings but never got one response. Within two days of receipt of the video brochures, we started getting calls from them. Out of those companies we sent to, we communicated with over 50% of them and we're currently engaged with 40% today. Nothing else I know of would have accomplished this kind of success. Since the initial test, we've been using video brochures to keep our sales pipeline full. For the return, the investment is very inexpensive.

Yes, we are selling them and we believe our pricing model is better than what you'll find out there. But, whether you buy from us or somebody else, I truly believe you'll see a response like you've not seen from other marketing efforts.

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From LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/article/20141008191708-7506493-getting-your-message-across-in-today-s-market


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