You wouldn't spend 3 minutes to make $2,000?

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You wouldn't spend 3 minutes to make $2,000?

I thought I would write a quick article to talk about a perplexing situation I have encountered. My CEO Kevin Ferguson wrote an article this week titled “A Culture of non-Responsiveness” . He was happy to see that many people felt the same way and left some great comments. With that I was thinking about other cultural situations that have definitely changed for the worse.

Craftlogic Software is a software development company that also does IT Staffing, consulting, and other services. We are highly differentiated in what we do and have a better mouse trap than the majority of companies we compete with. Our value to a company looking to hire IT talent whether that be Developers, Networking, Data Base Administrators, Project managers, or anything IT related is astounding and very valuable. The value we add is by providing our clients with great talent that has been well vetted and interviewed by senior people in that area of expertise. Typically we only submit one or two candidates for each position we are working on that results in a hire. The value is we don’t overwhelm the hiring managers and HR with submissions of people they would never want to hire and we do all this at the industry standard rate. So far in conversations I have had with friends and colleagues the reaction has been “ WOW!!! No one does that.”

So with that background let’s get into the subject of this post. I have been in the Software and technical services industry for 20 years with connections with executives of fortune 1000 companies from ACS to Xerox which has built me a rather large network of both clients and colleagues. I have reached out on LinkedIn, Facebook, and email to many of them explaining what I’m doing now and the details that set us apart in the marketplace as well as our KILLER referral program See . Too summarize this program if you make an introduction or refer us to a client and they use our service we will pay you 10% of the profit for anyone we place for 6 months. So let’s say you email a friend, coworker, business connection who is using recruiting services and they hire two .net developers through Craftlogic with a salary of $100,000 over 6 months you would make a referral fee of $4,000.

Now, who wouldn't make an email introduction that takes 3 minutes to write if they could potentially make $2,000 or even more? What is you sent out 5 emails and we placed people in 5 accounts. That might look like a $10,000 referral fee and who wouldn't spend an hour to make $10,000?

So far I have had only two people out of thousands reach out for myself and make that introduction. That’s two people out of many many people. And this morning I had several people ask me for help and I made introductions for them and the only thing I ask for in return is a simple thank you.

So my question to you is why wouldn't you spend 5 minutes to make $2,000 or more?

I'm just guessing here but is it that people are too busy? Who is too busy to take five minutes for an extra couple thousand this month?

People are too lazy? That would be pretty lazy if you ask me, I make introductions all the time and don't ask for anything in return.

They don't believe us? Does it sound to good to be true? I would be more than happy to put something in writing besides what's on our website.

I know it's not me. I am a solid professional with the business integrity not to hurt my name or my companies brand and I"m not the only one here who has seen this.

Have you seen this in your business?

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