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    Software is not built by Robots. Software is built by Human Craftsmen.
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    It takes Talent to Find and Validate Talent. Otherwise, it's just guessing.
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    We are able to provide our skilled consultants on a contract or contract-to-hire basis.
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    Craftlogic can help you find your place in the big picture. Take a look at our Careers page.


Our core business is Software Development including Custom Software, Project Outsourcing, and Consulting.


It takes Talent to find Talent and Validate Talent. Who else could be better at finding IT talent than IT experts?


Our IT staff can supplement and enhance your staff. Do you need a temporary IT Talent to complete your project?


We're constantly hiring IT Talent for our projects and our clients' projects. We have many great opportunities for you.

What We Do

Craftlogic Software is a software development company specializing in custom software development, software development outsourcing, consulting, and IT Talent Scouting. We can provide custom software development at our offices or provide IT staff as a full-time hire or contract basis in your offices. Craftlogic is also experienced in IT Infrastructure, Project Management, Software Development Management, Database Engineering, and Quality Assurance. We have decades of Software Development and IT Infrastructure experience.



  • After reviewing the interview assessment you wrote up on the candidate you submitted to us and following up with a phone call to the interviewer I was blown away with how comprehensive you are in your technical interviews. There is now way out teams have the ability to validate candidates to this level.

    Eric J.
  • Craftlogic has been instrumental in finding me the best people to work on my projects. I feel they have gotten to know me and understands what type of person I am looking for. The people they send me match my positions in so many ways..skill sets, corporate culture, and personality compatibility. You sent me the best people in the industry that I have ever worked with in my entire career. I have had this experience not only one time, but multiple times! When I call Craftlogic, they always have time to talk with me to discuss candidates, or to discuss my feedback on candidates. Their level of personalized service is unrivaled and I feel like they are an extension of my company.

    Michelle P.
  • You offer a great service...with the pre-screening you do, each person you submit is a good candidate. I actually wait for your candidates and put off the others because I know I won't be wasting my time. Once people figure this out I can't imagine them going elsewhere. BTW, your tag line, "It takes Talent to Find Talent" is obviously true. How can a non-technical person know if the SQL Server DBA they submitted is actually any good? They can't. You can. Enough Said!

    Pat M.
  • Craftlogic helped us make the right decisions when we were faced with designing and building a complex model for transaction processing. We needed to create a system that was scalable, affordable, and secure. Craftlogic recommended C# and the .NET framework complimented by MSMQ. Many of our other advisers recommended against Windows and the C# platform but 6 years later it is now apparent that Craflogic was right on the money. As we built the transaction processing system, Craftlogic helped make it better and supplied the engineering talent necessary to grow it once we got going.

    Angela D.
  • As a small company and in a very tight market it is hard to get strong candidates exposed to our company and the exciting projects we are working on. Your team did a fantastic job scouting and validating some great talent and getting them excited to join our company.

    Jack R.
  • We knew it would be hard to find a small team of contractors with the wide range of skill sets and technical depth we needed for our critical datacenter project but Craftlogic not only assembled a cohesive team for us with the required technical expertise but with the needed business acumen, people skills and communication skills as well.

    Katy T.
  • As a small company and in a very tight market it is hard to get strong candidates exposed to our company and the exciting projects we are working on. Your team did a fantastic job scouting and validating some great talent and getting them excited to join our company.

    Jack R.
  • I just wanted to thank you for the fast turn around on reviewing my resume. It's been a long time since I've had to deal with this process and although I was disappointed that I was not selected to be a candidate, I am very glad to know that I don't have to think about this one again. That's a relief to me. Most places just seem like the email disappears into a black hole. Thank you.

    Russell C.

Why We Do It

Our founders were frustrated with the solutions offered in the marketplace and it was clear they were developed by marketing and sales people and not technologists.

Craftlogic was founded as a software development company and is operated by senior information technology professionals who not only share a deep passion for great software and technology but also for the value which companies can derive from our experience and knowledge.

Our founders were frustrated trying to staff software projects using traditional IT staffing firms. It was clear those firms were owned and operated by marketing and sales people and not technologists. So, in 2007, we added IT staffing to our offerings in order to help our clients staff their projects. Capitalizing on our years of experience of software development and building successful development and technology teams, we developed a unique business model and processes that use experienced technologists to scout for the best technical talent and then to validate that talent to build teams that are more creative, productive and efficient. Based on our years of experience, we believe the most important element for success to any technical initiative is getting the best talent on the team.

Craftlogic got its start as a software development company founded on the simple principal that software is not created on an assembly line. Software is created by Craftsmen. Like the Craftsmen of old, it takes a combination of Skill, Talent and Passion to be the best. We apply this principal to everything we do.


craft noun \ˈkraft\ - an activity that involves making something in a skillful way by using your hands or a job or activity that requires special skill.

log·ic noun \ˈlä-jik\ - a proper or reasonable way of thinking about or understanding something. A science that studies the formal processes used in thinking and reasoning.


Who We Are

We are owned and operated by technology experts and demand the highest quality in all that we do. The name, Craftlogic, is itself a reflection of our philosophy. Software, we believe, is "crafted" by skilled individuals; craftsmen. It is important to realize the value that a highly skilled individual brings to the table. Craftlogic is bringing back “craft” to the process of software development, consulting, and recruiting technically talented individuals. Like the craftsmen of old, the motivating factor that drives this company is to have pride in our work, deliver solutions to our clients, and have our clients value our services and partnership.

Like the craftsmen of old, the motivating factor that drives this company is to have pride in our work, deliver solutions to our clients, and have our clients value our services and partnership.

We believe that attempting to commoditize developers and technologists diminishes the human creativity and spirit which is required for building great things. Learn how Craftlogic can help you build more productive and capable teams. Request a call today.

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The Craftlogic Difference

How is Craftlogic different than our competition? We're as different as Apples and Oranges...

The Craftlogic Difference

Craftlogic is different because we're a Software Development and IT Consulting company that also provides IT staffing services for our clients. We use the same process for hiring IT talent for our projects as we do for yours. If we wouldn't hire a person for our team, we wouldn't want you to hire him either.

If we wouldn't hire a person for our team, we wouldn't want you to hire him either.

Craftlogic is as different from other firms as Apples are from Oranges. Watch the video from our CEO and understand why it takes talent to find and validate talent.

Craftlogic Video Marketing offers video brochures as you've seen in this video.


Custom Software Development and Project Outsourcing


Craftlogic offers Project Outsourcing and Custom Software Development services.

Project Outsourcing

Project Outsourcing allows your company to offload its staff and have Craftlogic consultants working on your site or ours to develop a solution. We can offer this service at a fixed-bid or time and materials billing. We can staff the project in any way that fits your needs including project management, architecture, quality assurance all the way to deployment.



Custom Software Development

Craftlogic is a software technology company. We build software. If you have a need for a custom software solution, we can sit down with you, understand your needs, develop a project plan, software design and architecture design, and then implement the software to fit your needs.



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Contract Consulting and Team Building



We offer our own consultants as contract or contract-to-hire resources for your company. Consultants are Craftlogic employees and your company pays Craftlogic an hourly rate for the consultant. We have both contract and contract-to-hire employees at competitive rates. Contract-to-hire is a very good option to direct hiring of employees. A 6-month contract-to-hire, for example, can actually save you money in the first year versus a direct hire. You save on employment taxes, benefits, vacation time, and other employee expenses during the first 6 months while you evaluate the consultant for possible full-time employment.



Team Building

People are not interchangeable but are pieces of the puzzle needed to complete the project.

Team Building is a concept we use for a number of our clients. If you need to build a team which may consist of software engineers, project and software managers, QA engineers, and maybe even network engineers, then Craftlogic can help you decide what skills each of these individuals need. If you’re developing a web-based solution in .NET and C# and you believe you need 5 people, then chances are you’ll need Web-UI developers, system developers, and database developers. At first you may just want to find 5 people with all the needed skills to work anywhere on the project. However, that’s not the best route. We will help you identify each position and the skills needed for each position and then locate specific individuals that fit those positions. Why? A good Web-UI developer tends to specialize in Web-UI and is not as good at back-end systems development as is a person that specializes in that skill. That’s just the way it is in software projects. In this case, you’ll likely need 2 Web-UI people, 2 systems/back-end people, and a good database developer.

These people aren’t interchangeable but are pieces of the puzzle needed to complete the project. Team Building can be accomplished using Craftlogic employees as your consultants or as direct hires by you in a staffing scenario.



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95% of the time, we fill positions with just one or two candidate submissions.Who else can say that?


Craftlogic focuses entirely on project services, software development, and talent scouting. We are technologists that know the technology space because this is our sole market. This means we will understand the type of person you need to hire.

At Craftlogic, our goal is to spend the time to understand your company and the technical teams you are trying to build. The more we work with you the better we get. This is truly a collaborative partnership that evolves with time. We feel we are an extension of your organization as the first people that will be talking to your future employees. We represent you. With that understood we will not compromise our integrity just to “make a deal." Building the trusted relationship with you is what we strive to do. We want to eliminate our competition with integrity and quality while increasing our knowledge of your business to help make you successful.

What defines our success is our detailed process

  • We meet with you in person to discuss your hiring needs and learn about your company, culture, type of business, etc.
  • After gaining a detailed understanding of the position and the key skill sets you are looking for, we devise a technical interview that is tailored for your position.
  • Our search process will produce candidates that look “good on paper." This is where most firms stop and send you the resumes so you can determine which ones qualify technically. We take the resumes that look good and have a senior member of our IT staff conduct the technical interview. We don't use online tests. We can glean more from a person during a face to face interview that no online test can come close to doing.
  • Also, part of our job is to "sell" your company to potential candidates. Remember, our communication with the candidate is often the first time he or she has heard about you. Our job is to get them excited about the opportunity and move through the process of interviews.
  • We will submit only one or two candidates for an open position. (See our guarantee letter below.)  Each submission includes not only the candidate resume but our assessment; the good and the bad. This assessment includes candidate strengths and weaknesses based on the requirements. Our interviews take as much as two hours to complete. We are very thorough to ensure we find the right person and the assessment is 2-4 pages of our technical interview notes.
  • Our process does not stop after we submit a candidate. As you know, hiring top talent means there will be competition. We are also very involved with the candidate and will know of all the activity going on in their own job search. Information and timing can make the difference in getting the person you want. We assist in scheduling the interviews, getting detailed feedback and negotiating the salary or pay rate.
  • We truly understand and respect the fact that time is money and you have a job to do when managing a project. In order for this to be a collaborative effort, timely feedback and open communication is key to the process. When we contact you to discuss an interview or a candidate. Our communication will be thought out and to the point so we will not waste your time!

We are looking forward to helping you be successful. We know you will find our process refreshing and we want to garner your respect as well as your business for now and for years to come.



Our Guarantee To You

To prove that we're committed to not wasting your time and show that we're so confident in our ability to do our job, Craftlogic's President and CEO signs a letter to you stating the following:

If we violate this guarantee, I hope you fire us.

Craftlogic understands that other IT staffing firms bombard you with resumes of candidates that are mostly unqualified. We understand how much work goes into reviewing resumes and performing interviews only to find that you are wasting a lot of time and money. IT staffing firms base their effectiveness on how many resumes they send. We base our effectiveness on how few we send.

Craftlogic guarantees to you that you will receive no more than two (2) candidates per open position. What other staffing firm is willing to put this in writing? It is not in their best interest to send fewer resumes because their method is not much different than throwing a handful of darts at a dartboard hoping one sticks. That’s not how Craftlogic does business.

Craftlogic actually does the heavy lifting for you. How do we do it? We perform multiple interviews with our candidates including personality, business skills, and deep technical interviews by a senior technical member on our staff. Only if the candidate passes our interview process would we consider submitting him or her to you. When we submit a candidate we also provide a detailed written technical assessment of their specific skills required for the position.    If we would not want to hire the candidate for one of our own projects, we certainly would not want you to either.

If we violate this guarantee, I hope you fire us.


Kevin Ferguson
President and CEO
Craftlogic Software LLC

Ask the other firms you're using now if they'll sign such a letter. If they won't, you must assume they're not confident in their ability to deliver. What else could it be?



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