Recruiting as a Service (RaaS)

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What is RaaS?

Think of it as a pay as you go recruiting model versus the traditional staffing model.

The traditional staffing model is when you pay a percentage of base salary to hire a person from a staffing firm. The standard is 20% of the base salary paid as a fee for service. The problem with this model is it doesn't work well if you're hiring to fill several of the same types of positions because the fees can get excessive. If you hire five software developers at $100,000 base salary, that's $100,000 just in fees.

This is where Recruiting-as-a-Service shines! Instead of paying a fee per person you hire, you are instead paying for the time spent searching for and finding candidates. You see, staffing firms don't get paid for their search unless they find and place a candidate. Since they only place a percentage of the jobs they have, you're actually helping to pay for all of the jobs they didn't fill plus your job! That's why the fee is so high.

Craftlogic is a software development company as well as providing IT staffing services to our clients. So, if you want a senior developer, for example, you'll only get resumes of candidates that passed our 1.5 to 2 hour technical interview by one of our senior software developers. Who better to find IT staff than other IT professionals?

How does RaaS work?

RaaS allows you to decide how much time per week you want to have a dedicated Craftlogic recruiter searching for you. But, it is not just searching for candidates and matching acronyms. Here's what we do:
  • Search and find candidates that "look good on paper." This is where most staffing firms stop.
  • Schedule full technical interviews with the appropriate Craftlogic senior IT staff member such as a software developer, QA engineer, Network Engineer, Systems Engineer, etc. We also have expertise in recruiting sales and marketing people, call center, and field service technicians.
  • For those that pass our technical interview which is up to 2 hours per interview, our engineer writes a 2-5 page assessment which will be submitted along with the candidate's resume. [Sample Assessment]
  • We work with your schedule to coordinate an interview with your company and the candidate.
  • If we find more than one candidate during our search (which is very common), we will perform the same process for each candidate and you can hire all of them with no fee because you pay us for the hours we worked.
  • There is no long term contract. You only pay us for the hours we work and you can stop us at any time.
  • We provide you with detailed metrics. Hours worked, number of candidates received, number that look good on paper, number of candidates we contacted, number of candidates given technical interviews, and number of candidates submitted. This is done on a weekly basis to keep you in the loop. You may also have access to every candidate resume we received. [example metrics]

What can  you expect for results?

What our clients find out by using RaaS is they average $2000-$5000 per hire vs the much higher 20% fee of base salary. It works well for Craftlogic too. We're making money on our time so we do not have to charge large fees for the ones we place to cover for those we didn't place. This model is a win-win for you and for Craftlogic.

If this interests you and you want to find out how much this can save you in recruiting fees, please schedule a time to discuss with a Craftlogic Sales Representative.


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