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Craftlogic Software LLC was formed in 2003 to provide software development and consulting services to clients. Hiring for our projects, we used staffing firms to our disappointment. In 2008, we started staffing our own projects and helping our clients staff theirs. Unlike many such firms, Craftlogic was founded by IT professionals with the intent to provide these services from real technical people. We are still owned and operated by software developers and industry IT experts. We understand the problems and the pain organizations feel with regard to their technology and their IT staff. Whether you hire Craftlogic to provide software development services or IT Staffing/Consulting services, you will get knowledgeable and experienced technologists working for you.

Our Mission

Craftlogic's mission is to provide services to our clients that help them be successful. We can only do this by working closely with our clients and our staff. Honest introspection keeps us on the path to our success by having us constantly ask ourselves if we are doing what is right by our clients and by our staff. If we can say yes, then we are also doing what is right by Craftlogic. Yes, we are in business to make money. However, if we take into account our clients and our staff first, we will be more successful than if our focus was simply on making money.

The IT industry has been undergoing change for many years now. Companies are still trying to figure out how to commoditize or “assembly line” the IT industry. The important thing that keeps getting overlooked, however, is the one thing that makes it all successful; the people. Talent cannot be treated as a commodity regardless of how hard you try. Craftlogic understands the value of the people and we want companies to understand the value a highly skilled and talented individual can bring to the table.

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Craftlogic Software LLC is headquartered in Frisco, TX. You may contact us during normal business hours at (214)393-2002. Or, you may email us at the following email addresses:

All other inquiries, please email us at info@craftlogic.com. For invoicing and payments, please direct to:

Craftlogic Software LLC
PO BOX 6403
McKinney, TX 75071
(214)975-2890 (secure fax)

Contact us at (214)393-2002 or Info@Craftlogic.com

McKinney, TX
Corporate Headquarters
7210 Virginia Parkway
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McKinney, TX 75071

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